Subscription Plan

As an Introductory Offer, enjoy all premium benefits "Free of Cost" for One Month! Thereafter, select a subscription that fits your needs, pay as you go (i.e. no monthly fixed costs) and stop anytime you think your need is complete. Full transparency and no hidden costs!

50% 67%
Introductory Offer Silver Gold Platinum
₹ 0 /- ₹ 199 /- ₹ 299 /- ₹ 399 /-
Validity iPeriod for which Subscription is Valid 1 Month's 1 Month's 3 Month's 6 Month's
Outgoing messagesiNumber of messages allowed 10 100 250 500
Map SearchiSearch people / services on Map
Bold ListingiYour profile will be listed in Bold and stand out
User ReviewsiService provider´s reviews / testimonials by other users
Featured ListingiYour profile will be featured and stay on top
Profile AlertsiGet new profile alerts, matching your criteria
Send Message Without Contact requestsiSend messages without contact requests